The Beginning….

Being a new Muslim can be very confusing. 
Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. 
Sharing my stories and experiences as a new Muslim, 
with hopes of helping others feel not-so-alone, 
is the purpose of my site. 
Sincerely, your Muslimah sister in Islam, Amani

Hello! My name is Amani. Welcome.
My life consists of many twists and turns,
some good, some bad, and some REALLY bad.
Many of the really bad times were before
I found Islam and became a Muslim.
I am a fairly new Muslim, 4 years in March 2012,
but I remember what it was like when I first reverted.
I was very confused about alot of things, even afraid.
Everything from what to wear
(including Hijab or as some call it “head scarf”),
how to pray, and how to begin reading the Quran.
Fortunately, I had help from my husband but sadly,
I didn’t find much help from our Muslim community.
I also really needed help from the Muslim sisters,
and while I found a few, they sort of dropped
out of sight after a while.

The purpose of my website is to share with others,
the struggles and triumphs as a new Muslim.
To share my life experiences in a down to earth way so that,
Insha’Allah, I may be able to help others or at least
 let others know they aren’t alone in their feelings.
Please keep in mind that I am not a scholar or anyone
with enough knowledge to give detailed answers to questions.
However, I will do my best to assist and if I can’t,
Insha’Allah, I will try my best to point you into the
direction that you may find further assistance.
So please, stay a while, relax, grab some tea and
get a good laugh or a good cry, and
Insha’Allah you will find some comfort
that you aren’t strange or alone in whatever
you are feeling or dealing with.
As-Salamu Alaikum, Amani


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