Another 4 year anniversary! My wedding anniversary today!!

As Salam Alaikum and hello everyone,

Well, March 13 was my 4 year anniversary when I converted to Islam. Today , March 15, is my 4 year wedding anniversary! A little about how I met my husband and how it correlates to me finding out about Islam.

In 2006, I began working at an apartment complex as a leasing consultant. For whatever reason, I worked with 5 Muslims at once, including my now hubby. Subhanallah! I began witnessing them practicing their religion, Islam, and fasting during Ramadan, etc. I also began asking questions. Now they were all men so I had no sisters to ask and they were very willing to help me. After all, it’s a huge reward to bring someone to Islam!

After some time, I began reading for myself as well and bought a Quran. I even fasted one day during Ramadan before even thinking of converting. Wow, was that hard!!! I respected these people for their faith and beliefs.

After a while, I started working mainly with my now hubby in another one of the offices. He would talk to me about religion and such. We got to be good friends and I trusted him. Fast forward to 2008, we ended up getting engaged but with no particular date set to marry. I decided by that time, after knowing what I knew about Islam, I wanted to convert. So, March 13 2008 I took my Shahada with my now hubby witnessing plus another brother and sister. I was so happy.

Now comes the funny part. I was in my apartment at the time on March 15, 2 days later, and said to my hubby, “let’s get married”. LOL. He says when and I just non-nonchalantly said tonight! LOL . He was shocked but said OK! I quickly got witnesses and we went at about 7 pm that night to the mosque, without even a warning to the Imam, just showed up an asked if he could marry us. He agreed and we had witnesses. I did have anyone to stand up for me so the Imam did it for me. We were finally married!

I didn’t covert for my hubby but I thank God he put him into my life and the other Muslims I met, because I wouldn’t have come to Muslim, probably…unless Allah showed me another way.

I love you habibi. Happy anniversary and many more happy years inshaallah !

Love Amani


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Abdul Satar
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 01:12:48

    dear respected sis,

    hope ur in best health and Imman, In Sha Allah
    would u please provide us ur revert story if u share it would b really nice, coz some ppl might have the same condition of what u were before accepting islam, it would be a motivative message for them, this message is personal and if u wanted send it to my personal email and i would share it both in our fb page and in our blog:
    and if u shared it in ur blog then i would take a copy of it fromhere.,
    jazakallah khayran


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