20 Things to say and When to Say it part 3

As Salam Alaikum and hello friends. Today I have a list for those who may be just starting to learn Islam of phrases that are common to say by Muslims and when to say them. I read these a while ago on a web page so I am sharing with you. Please refer to my last blog for some other tips. And now for the list!

1. When starting to do something say – Bis-millah

2. When intending to do something say – Insha-Allah

3. When something is being praised say – Subhan-Allah

4. When in pain or distress say- Ya-Allah

5. When expressing appreciation say- Masha-Allah

6. When thanking someone say- Jazak-Allah

7. When awaking from sleep say- La-Ila ha-Ill Allah

8. When taking an oath say- Wallah-Billah

9. When sneezing say- alhamdu-lilah

10. When someone sneezes say- Yar-Hamok-Allah

11. When repenting a sin say- Astaugh-firAllah

12. When giving to charity say- Fi-sabi-Allah

13. When having love for someone say- Lihub-bullah

14. When getting married to someone say- Aman-to-billah

15. When parting from someone say- Fi-amaan-Allah

16. When a problem arises say- Tawak-kalto-al-Allah

17. When something unpleasant happens say- Na-ouzo-Billah

18. When something pleasant occurs say- Fata-barak-Allah

19. When participating in prayer say- Ameen

20. When death message is received say- Inna-lillahi-wa-inna-ilaihi-raji-un

Insha’Allah this list is beneficial to you as it has been for me. Thanks friends, for reading. Be sure to comment, share, like and follow!

As Salam Alaikum xoxo Amani


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. arabexperience
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 13:30:52

    Hey there! I was wondering if you would be interested to write something about going to the mosque and the rituals that are involved there for my blog? Of course it’s only a suggestion and I would fully appreciate it if you don’t feel like it. It’s just that I would love to add reports from people who know more about islamic culture to my blog! Keep up the writing 🙂


  2. arabexperience
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 16:57:52

    I was thinking of something like this: describing what you do when you enter the mosque (rituals like taking your shoes of etc.). What happens during the divine service (is there a sermon? how many time do you pray? which surah do you usually recite while praying?). What kind of things an imam or another person who leads the service says. Does he read the Qu’ran out loud? Of course you can put your own experiences in it and it is absolutely no problem to change the order. With my blog I’m just trying to learn about islam, islamic culture and everything it involves. Since I find it very interesting and I do not know any muslims who go to the mosque myself, I would love to find out this way. I hope you can do something with it :)!
    God bless you and your family,
    Fleur (Greetings from Holland)


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